Saturday, November 7, 2009

He takes after his Parents!

Getting to know our son a little bit, we noticed that Enno almost always has a bit of a disappointed expression on his face. Like it 's just not enough, or like it should have been a little bit better!
He 's really happy when drinking his bottle and half an hour after that he 's content, but soon after that, he starts getting fussy and a bit angry with the world in general. Or perhaps with Krijn and me, because we 're not living up to his standards.

He takes after his parents I suppose, because we 're never completely satisfied. We always have something to whine about, even though we live the exact life we want: We 're still perfectly in love with eachother, have two wonderful boys, who light up the room, and a nice house and lots of fun.

You can call this complaining having a romantic mind (we just want something better) , or just being spoiled rotten. Other people would say that perhaps we don 't like ourselves very much and I am not going to comment on that! BUT comments from readers are welcome! Go ahead! We can take it!

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Ursekalsi's Bundle of Creativity said...

Very good written, You know your way with words! And there is nothing so satisfying as to whine sometimes about something!