Saturday, March 20, 2010

Forest Lane Question







Since I was a child, I 've always loved forest lanes that disappear into the distance. I love not knowing where the path will lead to. Anything is possible and you 're free to make up any landscape that you like. I like imagining that I 'm on a quest, having to find a special magic tree or a some kind of temple with a lead!

Some forest lanes are more thrilling than others. I like dark lanes with tall trees and many turns. I also like going up and down on little hills and stepping over trunks and rocks.

My question to you is: Which of the following Forest lanes do you prefer and why? Which one is the most appealing to you, where would you like to walk?


Faiza said...

i like the breaks of sunshine between the branches of #4.

Doublesided said...

Oh gosh they are all so delicous! I love forrests too! I'd happily walk through them all but if I was really really pushed for only one it would be #5 for the height of the trees - gorgeous.

TR!LO said...

Thanks ladies! I too like them all, but hen threatened with death, I 'd choose nr. 6, because it looks so cute and happy happy joy joy in the sunlight.

Sara said...

1. omdat het aan wandelingen met oma en opa doet denken.
3. omdat het net Sleepy Hollow lijkt.
4. en 6. omdat het mij aan het Noorden doet denken.