Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I did with my Time

Hi everybody,

I know I know, it has been a while! But I haven 't been idle!
Look at how my Krijn and I transformed our bedroom into a very Laura Ashley-lovely place to be!
It used to be a stuffy old room, with a VERY big wardrobe, that used to block a window. We sold it for €200,= Euro 's and now we have much more air to breathe!
Let me give you a tour...

A peak outside the window.

Lovely fake flowers...

My antique desk which my great great grandfather made

Oh... AND... I 'm also trying to grow some vegetables, like courgettes, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes anddsome flowers. A real greenhouse was too expensive, but look at one can do behind the living room window!


All my pots, in which the cats like to sit and dig...

You see? I wasn 't lazy, but because of the first rays of sunlight, I just feel the itch to start improving my house and garden!


Missus D said...

A bright room is a happy room! Looking good Eva!

Doublesided said...

I cannot believe those flowers are fake - gorgeous! And what a beautiful desk. Great work =)

Phiphi said...

Eva...I got your parcel..thanks a lot:D you made the cutest pendant n earrings. It's so generous of you.

and it such a pretty room. I wish my house look as tidy as yours, but with 2 boys it's nearly impossible:D.