Friday, October 1, 2010


Herr Strehlow (50 x 50 cm, acr. on canvas)

Mit Zigarette (60 x 50 cm, acr. on canvas)

Rain is coming! (60 x 50 cm, acr. on canvas)

Can you feel the wind on your face? (1.20 x 90 cm, acr. on canvas)

Click on the photo 's for enlargement!

I KNOW I KNOW! These aren 't cupcakes! And I know these have nothing to do with cute things and kawaii stuff. I KNOW these paintings aren 't happy happy joy joy, but my cupcakes are!
I 'm sorry, ladies, this is the way I paint, this is the man inside of me, screaming to get out!

I 've been away for a long time, biding my time, waiting for the right moment to go back to work. Here I am. It is time! I hope you 'll forgive me for having been away for such a long time, but I 'm back and I will be joining you with lots of more work!

P.S> I am not German, but the guy I paint IS!

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