Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ladies Afternoon

The two young ladies: Hindele and Silna

cupcake earrings

cute little malls

millefiori beads, just to look at

my personal FIMO-stack

my cupcake collection

crystals one can stick into the clay

creation in progress

one of the first results, sooo cute!!!

you go girls! well made!

Judiths lovely bears, which were made into childrens earrings

the crystals used in a charming way

and finally a lovely spooky picture of the cakes and cupcakes in my smelly oven

Today my father and his wife Judith visited us and brought their daughter Hindele and her girl friend Silna. The ladies soon retired to the kitchen table to start crafting, using my FIMO-box.

They 're only 8 years old but have a very large attention span when it come to FIMO! They have been taken by the feared FIMO fever and so have Judith and I! We 're all addicted and I don 't think we can be saved. I don 't think we want to be saved either!
So we sat there for over two hours and had lots of fun.

I think the girls were able to create some very cute cakes, which were very tiny and had lots of detail! I think they can go very far, FIMO wise!

Take a look at my pictures and join in the fun!!!


Missus D said...

That looks like such a great time that you had! I think doing crafts together is the best bonding one can have!

Faiza said...

what a creative and colourful way to spend an afternoon!

Ursekalsi's Bundle of Creativity said...

How cosy!
I had a fimo urge last week.
Have to buy some more clay!

(Shawny) Shawn Pedralba said...

Craft parties are the BEST, at all ages! love the stash of fimo

Phiphi said...

such fun and those cupcakes are so cute & yummy:D. You made the cutest stuff

Helle C. said...

Hello, what beautifull things you make :) I wonder if you would be interessed in selling some?
I'm looking for a set of earrings, necklace and a hairband - all decorated with different kinds of candy and/or cakes (I'm going to a party dressed as a candyseller :) )
Would you make that for me and how much would it cost (including the cost to sent it all to Denmark)
Please contact me asap on (asap because otherwise it need to keep searching :) )
Best regards