Monday, February 22, 2010

And the Winner is....

And the winner is..... Phiphi!!!!!!!!

Congratulations!!! You won my Cupcake Contest! Your cupcake-recipe sounded so yummie that I 'm going to try it out in a few days! I am already buying the ingredients and I can 't wait until I cleaned my oven so I can start baking!

This is the winning recipe, give it a go, if you like:


* egg 1 (room temperature)
* any soda (bicarb) 125 ml
* sugar 150 gr
* any purpose flour 250 gr
* food colouring 1 tsp
* cake emulsfier 1 spoon (such as tbm)


1. Prepare pot for steamer, and heat it.
2. Beat egg and sugar until frothy
3. Then add soda, flour, cake emulsifier and beat briefly
4. Add food colouring in half part of part mix.
5. Pour the ingredients to muffin mold with pour each different colour one by one
6. Steam for 30 min till cake turning well

ps: do not open the steamer while cooking because cake will not turning well.


Phiphi has a lovely blog, that is one of my favorites to read. She does really great tutorials!

Go check it out and be her next follower!

Congratulations again, Phiphi,
and to all the other participants: thank you so much for entering!


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Erna said...

congratulations! that recipe looks yummm!

Phiphi said...

OMG...Eva..thank you sooo much. The kids been down with cold, I just couldn't do much blog walking these past 3 days. You made my DAY..:)