Sunday, February 14, 2010

Look what I bought!

What do you think of this cool Swiss Roll? Doesn 't it look real and very yummie?
Well, it 's not real, of course. This chocolate roll is made of two washcloths!
I thought my blog would look much nicer with this cake on it and perhaps,
one of you craft ladies will be inspired by this new way of making cakes and cupcakes.
I think it looks quite Etsy!
The shop where I bought it, had lots to choose from: little pink cupcakes, green tea cakes with strawberries on top and much more.
But this cake was the best because it looked more real than all the others.

I don 't think I 'll ever use it in the bathroom to wash myself,
but I don 't think I 'll keep it forever either.
It makes a unique and lovely gift, but in the end it 's not very practical.
But it 's nice to have for a while, and I might use it as a gift for a friend.


Missus D said...

They're really pretty!

These are things I would usually buy for people, not myself. It's like you buy towels, but you want them to look great and amazing, so you get this!

If someone gives me this though, I would take a picture and totally use it!

polkadotsandblooms said...

Looks delightful! That nearly wants me eat one!

Milly said...
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Milly said...

This is awesome! May I ask from which Etsy shop you purchased this? I'd really like to see their other creations. Thanks! Milly / Thistlecraft