Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nice Picture Number 1

I'm going to start puting some nice photos on my blog; just because I like them!
I can 't put just cupcakes on my blog, that would be rather one dimensional. So, pretty pictures, just for fun!
Comments are very welcome!

Let 's start with a Laura Ashley nursery room. I 've always loved Laura Ashley, so did my mother AND my grandmother.

Laura Ashley has always been able to adapt to modern time! Check out the online catalogue on their site! . Just type 'online catalogue' in the search area.
I LOVE all the beautiful rooms. They 're both romantic and practical, both modern and cosy.

This nursery is a bit too sweet for my taste, but I 'll bet lots of mums will be hopping up and down on their chairs when they see it, when thinking of their little girl.

I have two sturdy boys, so no pink nursery for me, but luckily I can buy lots of Laura Ashley stuff
just for meeee!
I ll try and show more Laura Ashley beauty in the future!


Missus D said...

You're hoping for a girl next, I can so tell!!!!

TR!LO said...

Ehm... well... I did hope for a girl, but I don' t kno if I ever want a third child... I don 't know!!!