Monday, February 15, 2010

I can do it myself!

Take a look at how cool Victor tried to do his pyama buttons this morning!


Doublesided said...

Ha ha so cute!!

Im now following your blog thanks to swapbot.

Milly said...

He's adorable!!! And he almost got it right, which is close enough for pajamas, right?!? Anyway, Swap-Bot's Be My Blog Follower brought me here, and I'm glad it did! You have a wonderful blog and it will be fun to follow you! Milly / Thistlecraft

Apple Pie Gal said...

He is precious!!! I am Emeraldcharm14 and I have bookmarked your blog and look forward to reading more of your entries and seeing your pictures.

I am also from swap-bot and am so glad that we joined the blog following swap.

Phiphi said...

:D so cute..It's magic moment, esp. when you see his triumphant smile..:) my younger one nowadays is trying hard to put on his own t-shirt, which of course he ended up in a tangle but I always encourage him to keep trying.

Faiza said...

This is super cute! I often wonder how parents can stand the adorable things their children do. Lucky you and lucky them for having a mom who marvels in their every

I'm faizazarin from swap-bot.

Liz said...

Hi, I'm Liz (lizziefx) from Swap-Bot. How cute he is!! And it's so nice he was giving those buttons a try!!