Monday, February 15, 2010

It 's a Wonder this Cupcake made it!

Most of the time I don 't have any problem making a new cupcake charm. But sometimes it 's like I have two left hands! It took me two hours (!) to make this one and I 'm still not completely satisfied! I had to start over three times, because it just didn 't look right! It also collapsed twice when putting the icing on the cake.
To make it even worse, when I went to collect my son from preschool, I left the oven on! It 's a wonder this cupcake didn 't melt or catch fire! Anyway, like we say in Holland: You can 't have a party every day!

This cupcake charm costs €3,50 and will be on my Dawanda sshop shortly!


Sarah said...

What a sweet cupcake charm! You really went through quite a bit to create it. I'm e2java from swap-bot and am looking forward to following your blog.

Kim said...

Hello! This is Kimhoay from swapbot (and blogger) I look forward to your future posts! Your charms are ADORABLE!

lil Me said...

Oh its adorable! I am 84kitty from swapbot and am now following your blog!

Doublesided said...

Wow how cute, my sister would love these. I must check out your shop!