Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nice Picture nr.3 Masculinity as I think how it should look

Meet the German actor Christian Redl (1948), whom I discovered in my all time favourite movie Lea. (Ivan Fila, 1996). Once I saw him, I knew his face represented everything the word masculinity meant to me. So when I promised you to find a picture of masculinity, making the choice wasn 't that hard.

Why does the face of this man touch me to the core? I know, but it 's so hard to explain to the outside world! But hey, let 's give it a try!

It has something to do with the combination of hardiness and doubt in his face. Like he doesn 't seem to know how to approach a certain situation. This bloke is tough, but it 's like women can see through him.

I 've tried to catch this expression in a painting, and it took me a whole year of trying. I didn 't succeed to my complete satisfaction, but I 'm satisfied for the time being.


Missus D said...

Is the painting below his picture painted by you?

TR!LO said...

Yes, it is! You like?

Missus D said...

It's quite a good painting. You should do more!